Life is full of demands. Quite often we don’t prioritise our health because we are so busy.

To do lists are long and being “on top of things” seems so far out of reach. We put so much pressure on ourselves to get everything done and when we don’t succeed we often fall into a negative space.

Sometimes it feels like there is just too much going on in our lives and usually when this happens our self care regimes are non existent.

Self care rituals can include things like regular exercise, meditation, yoga, stretching, journaling, goal setting, shopping and preparing healthy nourishing meals and snacks, getting a massage or acupuncture or taking a bath, for example. While these are all enjoyable activities for most of us, it is a hard to squeeze a few of these activities in when you feel like you are working non-stop and when you’re not working, you’re trying to keep your household in line.

Here are 6 things you can do when you are feeling like you have no time to look after yourself:


Do you often get to Friday and think “where has this week gone?” and realise you haven’t even thought about exercising, for example. One easy way to get on top of this is to put it in your calendar as “me time”. When you realise you only have so many free spots for “me time” you might find that you appreciate these little 20 – 45 minute time slots so much more. This might be scheduling a workout with a friend, a walking catch up, or it could be booking in to see a Personal Trainer.  Sit down for 5 minutes at the start of every week, or on a Sunday night and figure out where you can squeeze in your “me time”, whether that is exercise, self care or down time. By making an appointments with yourself and calendarising them, it will hold you accountable and will encourage you to appreciate these tasks. It will also make you more productive outside of these times and decrease those feelings of guilt from not exercising or looking after yourself. 


If you struggle to cook yourself nourishing foods as you purely don’t have the time, you should seriously consider a meal delivery service of some kind. Whether that’s pre-made meals, semi prepared food deliveries or just online grocery shopping. These are all effective ways to save time. I have just jumped on the organic food delivery box wagon and I can’t believe i didn’t do this sooner. Not only do I struggle to find time to do the grocery shopping, but the area I live in and work in have no decent produce stores and the local supermarkets are lacking a good organic section. Ordering online ensures I have a solid delivery of organic produce every week. And as a bonus, I love that it is seasonal and I don’t know what is going to be in the box. This encourages me to explore new vegetables which I haven’t used in my cooking before. If you need to save even more time, I would suggest the pre-made meal delivery services, where you can order a week’s worth of healthy meals for the freezer. This takes the time out of shopping and cooking as all the work is already done for you. A great way to stay on track with your healthy eating goals.


If you’re not a morning person, you’re probably cringing right now (and you also might want to check out this article on becoming a morning person). But this is such a great way to get more time for yourself, out of your day. I was really struggling with fitting a healthy breakfast in and having my supplements in the morning before going off to work, so I decided I would get up an hour earlier every morning. 30 minutes for exercise and 30 extra minutes to eat, take my health supplements and a little extra time to do some washing or tidy the house. Whilst I admit that I don’t do this every single morning, I feel so much more organised when I do, which encourages me to do it even more.


Sleep solves everything! While we are busy trying to cram everything into our day, we often sacrifice sleep. We wake up the next day running on empty which means we are not bringing our A game and we are less productive than we would be with a decent night’s sleep. Set yourself some goals around sleep and I guarantee you will feel more positive about your day. When I am well rested, I think a lot clearer and make better decisions throughout the day and obviously have more energy to spend on exercising and looking after myself. If you struggle to get a solid nights sleep, you should check out this article.


Outsourcing is the bee’s knees! Need help around the house? Hire a cleaner. Whilst the idea of asking for help or paying someone to clean your house feels like you’re incapable or lazy, it makes sense. Pay someone to do the things you struggle to make time for so you can use your time more wisely. Need someone to pick your kids up from school? If paying for services is out of the question, ask a friend for help instead. You’ll quite quickly realise that most people in your life would love to be asked.


If you are not on track with your goals because something important came up which you had to prioritise, that’s OK. We can’t always be perfect and we definitely cannot control everything. We are human afterall. Just because you don’t succeed the first time around, it doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Pick back up where you left off and get back on track.

What do you struggle with the most? Let me know in the comments below.