When you discover the benefits of organic foods and what makes them better than conventional products, you may find yourself quite happy to make the transition to eat more organically.

If you are just starting to enjoy a healthy life, you may be wondering what the difference between organic and conventional food is and what makes organic food worth spending the extra money on.

Choosing to eat organically was such a key part of my healing from Hyperthyroidism. I have learned a lot about the importance of not only what we are consuming, but also what other products we are using in our lives. On our skin, hair and household cleaning products for example.

If you live in an area where it is hard to source organic foods at your local supermarket, locate an organic shop close by or source out a home delivery service. I order my weekly organic seasonal fruit and vegetable box which means I don’t need to hunt around different supermarkets for my weekly produce. This also saves me time shopping!

Although it may seem the trend is new, organic food has been around for a lot longer than the foods that we are used to eating. Generations before us had organic food readily available as chemicals and pesticides were not around until more recent years. This highlights the connection with the increase in disease and illnesses and the way our conventional foods are grown and processed.

Here is my simple guide to understanding organic food, how it is  different and why you should stick to it.


Organic foods are defined as products which do not support any chemical treatment, either in the process of growing or harvesting. They are foods which are without pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers, or other toxins.

When purchasing pre-packed organic foods,  you should look for packages that include the words  “certified organic” to know that all the ingredients are 100% organic. If a product states it is organic, but not “certified organic”, it could mean that only a certain percentage of the ingredients are processed in an organic way.


Many people are turned off by the high cost of organic foods. And with the reduced processing, these costs do not seem justified to some. But they certainly are. The cost of organic farming is a lot higher than conventional, not to mention the cost of becoming “certified organic”. In choosing organic foods, you also support local farmers (in most cases) that are supporting a healthier ecosystem for us to live in.

Organic food has many additional benefits:

organic shopping


Eating organically will decrease the amount of chemicals and pesticides you are consuming. Conventional (non-organic) foods are sprayed with an array of different chemicals and pesticides to kill pests and improve growth. These chemicals and pesticides are hormone disruptors that can interfere with our bodies natural hormones and reproductive organs. Several scientific studies have shown that consumption of large amounts of these substances can lead to many health problems – cancers, diseases and many other health concerns. So essentially, spending extra on good quality food should see your medical costs a lot lower.


Because organic foods are not tainted with all the synthetic chemicals and pesticides to make them last longer, you will find the produce you buy is fresher as it is more recently picked or processed. This also makes it easier to eat seasonally and source foods which have not traveled as far.


As well as tasting better, organic food is also more nutritious. The nutrients are not affected at all by chemicals and pesticides and are how nature intended them and full of good nutrition. Simple.


To keep up with demands of our fast growing population, the conventional farming industry are using hormones, antibiotics and drugs to keep up with consumer demands and are producing meat and dairy products at a much faster rate with the aid of these un-natural substances. While they are keeping up with the demands, the population are consuming all these artificial additives which are affecting the health of our population. Switching to organic meat and dairy products will ensure you are not consuming these unnecessary additives.


With less chemicals, pesticides, hormones and antibiotics being consumed, you won’t have them wreaking havoc on your insides. You will also be consuming more nutrients which will give you more energy. Who doesn’t want to feel better? You will also notice better, brighter and clearer skin, and you may also notice changes in your body composition and overtime, carry less body fat.


In addition to organic food, you can also find other organic products, from shampoo to face cream, soap, sanitary items, make up, washing and dishwashing liquids, cleaning spray and much more. Switching to organic products where you can will allow you to reduce the total toxins you come in contact with, which will further increase your health and vitality.